Amorsola Gayuchan (Como, Italy) to Yvonne Belen

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As they said, “there's always a first time”, I had no idea what to expect on the 7th ICBE consultation. The first thing that came into my mind was to meet “kakailyans” from other European countries. But I haven't expected that there was more than that.

Attending the consultation was what I needed to continue to bring with me our Igorot heritage (cultural and natural) even when overseas. I enjoyed the four day gathering. It was a bonding time with co-Igorots, that after everyone went back to their respective country of residence, some of us become friends over Facebook.

The realization of the 7th ICBE only proves to every participant especially the organizers, that in our heart and mind still remains our “Igorot Way” in reaching our goal. KUDOS TO ALL!!!

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