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Cradled by majestic mountains

Blest with nature’s flowing fountains

Blowing flow’rs and verdant hills

Is a region of murm’ring rills.



Cordillera, region of wonder hail

Beloved land, your name we shall not fail

Honor and fame to you we’ll strive to bring

Your glory won we shall forever sing.


Here dwell freedom loving people

 Strong our bond it’s hard to topple

For our freedom we rise and fight

Our priceless ancestral birthright.


Neath the sky the rain may gather

Angry clouds may craz’ly wander

But the sun shines forever fair

As we climb up the golden stair.


Dreams of peace of oneness and progress

Cherished goals our regions’ praises

Striving to build a brighter dawn

For our children to call their own.

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