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Intro: Kalinga my homeland, we have faith in you!


Glory to our people, we adore you

Kalinga province from where we sprang

Proud of our ancestors noble and true

Welcome to our land, blend us with your charm.

Glory to pioneers so strong and brave

Kalinga province, we thank our friends

Hail to our founders, living or dead

God grant for us beauties of their dreams.


Glory to our labors, we now implore

Kalinga province, for golden grains

Link us with the roads and bridges to your door

Untold wealth beckons willing hands and brains

Glory to all for our peace in the sun

Kalinga province, your name will shine

If fate will land us on foreign strand

We will crown you with laurels more sublime.



Today, your great fame

we're proud to proclaim

We are your brave descendants

peaceful and true

Sire of the forebears of our cognomen

Kalinga, my homeland

We have faith in you.


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