Report on the morning session (August 16)*

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The moderator of the session was Ingerith Pooten.

The session started with a prayer service led by Madame Pastor Magalgalit. In her sharing she reflected on the gospel of St. on the prayer “Our Father ….” The prayer service was concluded with the song, “Walang sinuman and nabubuhay…” suggested by Maureen Loste.

The next was the topics on financial report and souvenir program facilitated by Yvonne Belen.

As the financial committee was still finalizing their report, they only announced that there is a left over cash of 4119€.

These were the suggestions and agreed by the body on what to do with the amount:

  1. To give a part to the ICBE scholarship.
  2. Donate a little amount to the ISP (IGO Scholarship Program).
  3. Donate an amount to the Raleigh Agdaca bicycle racing fund.
  4. Give honorarium to the speakers from IFSU even if they were unable to come.

It was brought out that those who paid 65€ per room per night be refunded 10€ per room per night from the cash left over. So the sum of 30 € for three nights be given to those who stayed in a 65€ per room per night.  There are two choices suggested. (1) donate or (2) claim the refund. Due to lack of time, the body decided that those who paid 65€ per room per night will write in a piece of paper what they want to do with their 30€ during the afternoon picnic at the park.

Towards the end of the session, Dono clarified that initially, the venue of the consultation was supposed to be at the Youth Hostel wherein a reservation was made and Igorot Cordillera - Austria paid the initial deposit. But when the Youth Hostel cannot provide a conference hall, Hotel Ibis was negotiated thus we have to pay 65€ per room per night instead of the 55€ per room per night that was advertised but with the agreement that the Youth Hostel will reimburse the difference. So the refund will not come from the left over but from the Youth Hostel.

On the souvenir program: Dono reported that an amount of 2600€ was collected from advertisers in the souvenir program. The cost of printing was 1500€. Fuel expenses of 103€ for the car of Patrick and Dono will still to be refunded. 150 copies were requested from the printing press but only 147 copies came out. 1 copy was given to the printing press for their file. 146 copies were carted out of the printing press for the consumption of ICBE. The body decided that each participant who paid 100€ for the registration will receive a copy of the Souvenir Program free. But for those who paid less in their registration will pay 5€ for the souvenir program.

On the content of the souvenir program: very much acclaimed by the participants as a successful project since it was the first ever souvenir program that ICBE produced since its existence. In the process, we learned many lessons. As such, a suggestion came up that if ever ICBE would like to produce a souvenir program in the future, designate an editorial board!

The session ended at 12:20 noon.

*8th ICBE Consultation, Vienna, Austria, 13-16 August 2015

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