Message from BIBAAK Madrid

Written by Beverly Pooten on .

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From: Beverly Pooten

Date: July 14, 2015

To ICBE 2015,

Greetings from Madrid.

Kakailian, time flies and two years had past again for us to convene as one solid cordilleran in Europe. Its our desire to be with all of you this 8th ICBE but due work and some reasons our present would be in vain. Nevertheless our spirit is with you as we celebrate this event. May the spirit of SOLIDARITY...UNITY...HARMONY AND FAMILY relationship be the "center" of the consultation.

Kudos and congratulations to Austria for hosting and to all the admin staff and participants mengasing kami uray no maid kami ay maki rag ragsak ken dakayo. Adu pay ti umay nga ICBE nga pag kakaduaan tayo. Matago tago tako am-in.

Beverly Pooten


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