Cherry Ann H. Bumidang ( RESUME OF SPEAKERS )

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Cherry Ann H. Bumidang is Assistant Professor IV at the Ifugao State University (IFSU) in 2015 until the present. She has been designated as Executive assistant and as Scholarship coordinator.

She was born in Sablan, Benguet and finished the elementary and school studies in Sablan. She graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Commerce from St. Louis University, Baguio City. In 2008, she finished her Master in Public Administration at IFSU. 

Cherry Ann has attended various seminars and trainings from 2003 until the present. She was a resource speaker on Records and Achieve Management Training; Coordinator, 1st Coordination meeting and Implementation Mechanism Workshop; Coordinator, Youth Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship Training Seminar; Coordinator, Seminar Workshop on Financial Literacy; and Training Coordinator, International Seminar on Current Trends in Strategic Management.

She is a member of World Association of Soil and Water Conservation and Philippine Internet Commerce Society (PICS).

Cherry Ann has presented some papers during conferences. These are: “Effects of Job Stress on the Health of Faculty and Staff of ISCAF” and “Re-constructing the Ayangan Identity through the Ipad Prestige Rites.”

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