Impressions by Dr. Serafin L. Ngohayon (Philippines)

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When I was on the plane to Germany, I was deeply contemplating on the significance of my travel vis-à-vis the institution I represent and the expenses I have to incur for the trip. I was then thinking that perhaps, it would be very hard to give justice to the rigors I and my institution endured and may endure for the trip to be realized. When I was on the plane back to the Philippines, I was convinced that the trip is not only justified but also, is a huge success.

My conviction was so strong such that on various occasions, I have shared how the trip shaped me, my thinking and resolve to do my share for the development of Cordillera and its people. In particular, I spoke proudly of our fellow IGOROTS in Europe who are solidly united in their expression of support for each other, who continue to breathe life into their cultural awareness and who share the same to their siblings by coming together as often as possible in brotherly/ sisterly sharing. I spoke fondly on how our brother Igorots in Europe made my first sojourn in Germany and

Belgium touchingly possible and educationally remembering, „twas a welcome and hospitality I will forever relish. Their lives shaped by several unique circumstances have made me realize how strong and flexible we Igorots are, strong in overcoming whatever obstacle and flexible in learning to survive, succeed and shine in various difficult situations. The trip made me prouder to be called an IFUGAO in a provincial standpoint and an IGOROT in a regional brotherhood.

As I express my deep gratitude to the wonderful IGOROT peoples of Europe, which space does not allow me to mention, please bear in mind my open invitation to all to partner with us in the academe and help mold the thinking, attitude and character of your fellow Igorots back home so that they will someday be as strong and successful as you.

Haggiyo IGOROTS in Europe, Haggiyo Igorots in the Philippines and Haggiyo Igorots of the World. Bisitaon dakami hi ISCAF ta mon-ohohha takun uminum hi bayah!

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