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4th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK-Europe (ICBE) Consultation

                                                Dublin, Ireland

                                                17-20 May 2007


By Juerg and Hafner-Monico

Dear fellow ICBEans, friends and kailians, 

CONGRATULATIONS to BIBAK Ireland for the successful and memorable 4th ICBE consultation. It is nice viewing the photos by Agpad which indeed complemented the positive impressions and personal accounts of our co-members who attended the event (Fred, Henry, Baldo and Ric). To the organizers and host of the events, you all deserve the applause and commendations for a well done job, you can all now happily reflect and feel relieved, it was all worth the efforts and time invested. We look forward to the next meeting in Germany.

To all the participants, it was obvious that you had a grand time bonding with everyone in the meeting apart from sharing and immersing in the theme and topics of the consultation. Saludos to all of you too.

Thank you Agpad for sharing the photos. You really were busy shooting to the pleasure of all. We missed the consultation this time, but we hope to make it on the next.

May I also take this chance to congratulate Judith and Martin for their forthcoming wedding. I have the same problem as Mng Yvonne going into the referred site. Anyway, kaano ken ayana ti pagkasaran yo tapno bareng ma i-timing bakasyon?

Finally, just a sharing from our corner, we attended the Independence Day celebration last June 10, held in Dietikon near Zuerich. As usual and as ever, our short presentation highlighted the long protracted program with the gongs reverberating in the hall. After we picknicked outside in the park, we continued dancing and playing the gongs and attracted some more audience, the fun went on until late afternoon unmindful of the brewing storm. We dispersed exhausted but happy and contented. We were glad to welcome some kailians from Tessin (south of Switz) who made the long trip to join the group that day. The many compliments and loudest applause from other Filcoms made us really stand tall and proud among the crowds. Viva! Long Live! Mabuhay! Agbiag! matago-tago di Kaigorotan!

Regards from Bern,

lolit, juerg hafner-monico


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