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4th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK-Europe (ICBE) Consultation

                                                Dublin, Ireland

                                                17-20 May 2007


By Rhino Oblas

. ….

With regards our good achievements and memorable moments in Ireland, staying longer for more days is a success while there are still something that needs to satisfy our eyes, for example, our early bus ride to the airport. Rick, Henry, Baldo and I stayed overnight at James. They have a new beautiful house. The following morning, he brought us to the bus station. And with only a fare of 1.90 euro each and sitting in front on the second level of the bus, we enjoyed and were happy viewing, taking pictures of places of interest both sides of the way along the road. What a surprise, we passed by Dublin again. The bus has a route going around the city and we have seen what was not to be seen during our whole day tour. Within that two hours drive to the airport, we really said to each other, we did have a good time but there was no more time to say good-bye instead. See you next time in Germany!

Late to say but must be thankful to all BIBAK-Ireland. I'd like to say, James we have to meet again and your family too.

Not all things are said and done but being all together there in Ireland a lot of events are pictured in my mind.



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