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4th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK-Europe (ICBE) Consultation

                                                Dublin, Ireland

                                                17-20 May 2007


By Henry Foken

Hello All,

Well-done BIBAK-Ireland. Thank you for your hospitality and caring for us when we were there. The consultation is successful. How I can explain…

Well, Well, I was so happy to be there. Every time when we meet I learn a lot and it gives me power to realize I’m proud to be an Igorot. And I feel that anywhere around the world, we have a right to live because of our culture. I realize also that we have some similarity with Irish music.

And also the film that they showed us is perfect because the one who made that film is a very simple one, so it makes me always laugh when I think of it.

So I just say bravo! BIBAK-Ireland!!

Thanks a lot BIBAK-Ireland,

Henry Foken

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