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4th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK-Europe (ICBE) Consultation

                                                Dublin, Ireland

                                                17-20 May 2007


By Patrick and Cristabel Bounggick

Servus to All from Vienna, Austria !

Ay ay Salidumay !!!! Better late than never..... It was only this weekends that I have the chance of reading your emails since we departed in Dublin. My sincere apology although I had been sending text to some of you.

Y E E E S, a big salute to BIBAK Ireland. They deserve our deepest gratitude for a very very successful consultation. The solidarity, hospitality and dedicated young Igorots of Ireland impressed us. They, being young parents, husband and wife participating, along with them their children displayed one of our Igorot virtues. I have witnessed their commitment, humility and flexibility which greatly attributed to the smooth flow of the day to day activities. The affair was well organized that the participants were energetic in sharing their own experiences. As a whole, the consultation achieved its concept and my personal expectations. The theme was interesting that enhanced farther my knowledge and was presented so simple and understandable after which I felt more confident in sharing my ideas and experiences. The support and assistance of our coordinator “Yvonne” is commended for all her enthusiasm and diligence with the aim of gathering us for the sake of the Igorots was attained.

Judith and Jane warm welcome fetching us in the airport overcame my sleepless nights in the Philippines and just after my night duty we fled to Dublin until we landed to a dinner at Carmen and Tim's residence. The next day after touring the city, Judith invited us for a dinner and was amazed to see Martin serving us, etc. It seems that he is already oriented with our culture and again Salamat for all those calories and fellowship.

The 4th ICBE for me is memorable and a blessing not merely because we are group together for a cause, having the chance to visit new places, opportunity to meet again our “kailians” but most of all tracing our blood.... Meeting Brenia, my first cousin and family after 20 years of having no communication is for me exciting. The vibration of nostalgia was so strong followed by another relative in Tipperary, James and family are close to my siblings. God is love.

Patrick and Dono

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