Remarks of Moderator during the last Morning Session

Written by Rhino Oblas on .

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4th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK-Europe (ICBE) Consultation

                                                Dublin, Ireland

                                                17-20 May 2007


Remarks of Moderator during the last Morning Session

By Rhino Oblas

BIBAK Ireland opened their hearts and we were welcome to the Consultation. And they have to close it up with an open mouth, saying the closing Dave Aragones.

We are now at a point of leaving this room where we accomplished many important matters, met new Igorots and added to our purpose of “Preserving and Promoting Our Igorot Cultural Heritage.” Interesting to note is the fact that the Igorots have no word to express thanks and gratitude. There are no words to say hello, goodbye. How it was said before? Hello, Goodbye and Thank You? Can anyone say it in her/his own dialect for our host to hear?

Meeting somebody you know on your way or in a particular place in Benguet, we express our greeting like “Intoy ameyam? – “Tomay davwan mo?” Where are you going?” These are indirect ways of greeting a person at the same time making him feel comfortable and happy. When a person arrives at the home of a friend, he usually says, “Naey kami,” “Iyay kami”- “Here we are.

We met, then we will depart after this Consultation for the 4th time. Again to say good bye in Benguet, when the visitors get ready to leave, they would simply announce that they are going, “umdaw kamin.” To each and everyone before leaving your room, as Albert Bacdayan said in our last meeting in Switzerland, "Intayon amin, Ayabana ti ab-a-biik na ta isaa na,”together with the "wat wat" you received that symbolize your attendance in coming.

Evidently the sense of equality is so strong among us Igorots that one accepted each other as a matter of fact. He would do the same in his turn - in regular manner or procedure when someone gives invitations, rewards or gifts to help and it is accepted; and by way of saying “Thank you,” Igorots rather express it with smile and nod. And then, there will come a time that the receiver will do the same, not exactly but willingly offer his time and effort also to help others.

Salamat. Matago-tago tako am-in,


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