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4th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK-Europe (ICBE) Consultation
Dublin, Ireland
17-20 May 2007


By Caridad B. Fiar-od

The host, BIBAK-Ireland led by Dave Aragones, with profound gratitude, acknowledged the participation of everyone in different capacities as a presenter, documenter, discussant, video-taker through and through like Susan Kilakil. He acknowledged the support and sacrifices of all like the Honorary Consul, the other Filipino presenters during the Gala Night, the Traditional Irish Band and performers from the Gains School of Irish Dancing, and the management of Marino Conference Centre. I did not include the miners as they are part of BIBAK-Ireland.

Likewise, in the notebook that Yvonne passed around, individual participants acknowledged with sincerity the host organizers for their concerted efforts of the well-organized and meaningful conference. The host is also congratulated for their warm accommodation and well-established linkage with other non-Igorot communities as evidenced by the participation of the Irish dancers and bond performers, the mass being officiated by the Parish Priest of St. George and St. Thomas.

Both host-organizers and participants appreciate very much the open accommodation of the miners in Tipperary. The visit gave an extension of the conference as Frederick Baldo and the other men continued the hands-on workshop on dancing while others had their barbecue gathered around the campfire. Some like Fely Bongalos, Kathleen Tadawan and James Quintin enjoyed singing in the karaoke.

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