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4th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK-Europe (ICBE) Consultation
          Dublin, Ireland
          17-20 May 2007


Collated by Susan Kilakil

1. Did the consultation meet your expectations?

  • Yes            14
  • Partially       3
  • No               0

     Comment: One said, “…actually exceeded my expectation.”

2. Did the consultation fulfill its objectives? If no, why? 

  • Yes              16
  • Partially         1
  • No                 0  

3. What activity did you enjoy most? (Rank with number 1 as the best)

Rank Talks Workshops Gala Night Sightseeing Tour Film Showing
1 6 3 3
2 1 6 3 2
3 2 2 5 1
4 2 4 3
5 1 3



  • Late evening sessions of all men-pub nights and drinking. (One response*)
  • Dance lessons. (One)


  • Can't rank talks, workshops, gala night and film showing because they are all number 1 except sightseeing tour. (One)
  • Can’t rank the five because they are all good. (One)

Unranked answers: Two

Unmarked items in some papers:

Talks – 2x                               Workshops                    - 2x

Sightseeing tour - 6x                         Film showing                 -  5x 

Reasons: Absent during sightseeing tour; activity not attended.

4. Which of the above activities did you find most meaningful?

Workshops (Three) 

  • There was active participation of members and a lot of ideas brought out.
  • It is meaningful to me in the sense that I've learned many things.
  • With the sharing of the group the topic where I was assigned, it taught me to be more patient in dealing with members of my organization.


* The word “response” will be omitted in succeeding entries.

  • I was able to learn from other people's experiences.
  • We discussed what we can do in our little community.

Talks (Three)

  • You learn a lot about the Philippines by listening to them.
  • I was able to have some information concerning the Cordillera situation.
  • Strengthened my sense of culture.

Talk of Prof. Dr. Caridad Fiar-od  (One) 

  • Significant to our theme and objectives.
  • Very informative.

Cultural night and informal talks (One)

  • Got to know my kakailians.

Workshops and Talks with the Gala Night as an ending it puts everything together.

  • The involvement of the community was also a perfect ending. (One) 

Talks and workshops (Three)

  • The talk creates relationships.
  • The workshops create a mastered understanding of the issues from which unified action can be taken.
  • Because it enriches my knowledge more on our tradition and values.
  • There is always something new one acquires from the talks; in a workshop one learns from the person’s experiences.

Gala Night (Three) 

  • Express our feelings about our culture.

Hospitality of the hosts (One) 

  • They treated the participants very well. Housed us in a very clean place.

No answer - Two 

5. What will you remember and cherish most in our consultation? And why?

  • The main theme that was the part of our guest speaker, Dr. Caridad Fiar-od.  It was well presented with audio-video system.
  • The cooperation and unselfishness of the different delegates to share their talents and knowledge with the others.
  • The gala night because it was really good valorisation and promotion of the Igorots.
  • I think I cherish all and I will remember the things I've heard, seen, but above all I will not forget how the members of BIBAK- Ireland showed their hospitality and patience to us who came from other countries.
  • The whole occasion was memorable and the experience is priceless.
  • Informal meetings and personal talks.
  • The talks and the relationships because these will endure well into the future.
  • Gala Night. Because we come together from different countries as Igorots and learn our culture by dancing without words but we know what will happen in the future.
  • Respect and camaraderie. Ability to listen to each other and know one another. Why? It becomes the foundation of an organization.
  • Of course enjoying the feeling and company of true Igorots. Why? I was able to know more friends regardless of provinces and I enjoyed meeting new faces.
  • Encounter with each other.
  • The hospitality of the host for fetching the participants with their family private cars and also providing stomach progress.
  • The host did their excellent job. Accommodation, food and friendly.
  • Everything and sorry having missed more activities because it was only a short time for me. 
  • Our coming together as Igorots from different countries in Europe to share our ideas and celebrate our culture.

No answer – Two

6. How do you rate your participation?

          * Very good            3

* Good                  13

* Fair                      1                     


  • Although many were not present, most participated.
  • Everybody par
  • I participated without reservation.
  • Participation for me is good because I was able to share and listen to other’s opinion and the number of participants this time is not too crowded and not too few, "the Best", because we have more time to talk and listen, not always catching time.
  • There was an open invitation to all activities and I could pick and choose where to learn or add thoughts to.
  • Good because I could share my experiences and learn more from the others. To be more clear what Igorot means.
  • I did contribute where possible. Whether good or very good, that needs to be judged by the other participants not by me.
  • I could have done more.
  • I rated my participation good for I have participated in all the activities and gave my views, contributed some ideas as I accepted also suggestions on how to deal with problems in one's group.
  • I had not contributed much. Just a good listener.
  • Everyone could participate.
  • I was a listener most of the time (osto tapno adda met ah ti para dengeg!!!)
  • I did participate with the dance but rarely.
  • Well of course the understanding and the mental/physical presence and participation and the gathering of all information by good conversation and picture taking.
  • I gave my best.

7.  How do you rate the management (preparation, on-site management, board and lodging) of our consultation? 

          * Very good                   7

          * Good                          8

          * Fair                            1

          * No answer                  1


  • Venue is clean, nice location and the hosts are friendly, very accommodating.
  • The host did their best although few in number, they worked as a team and did it smoothly. Venue is perfect, very clean.
  • It is known that Ireland is too expensive but well, it is acceptable.
  • There is reasonably good degree of organization. The workshop is not included but I will say few things about it. The workshop process is not well structured. It would have been good if there was time for question/answer after the talk and the process of workshops were clearer. For the time of discussing what to do on the spot was unnecessary. If process was clear then the task would have been dealt with immediately.
  • I think we always learn when we host, so we are not perfect, we never please everyone so for me I'm always contented what is due me. I had a clean bed, shower, good food and I can't ask for more. Thanks a lot anyway.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Very well organized, nice welcome, good venue.
  • Everybody was accommodating.
  • The preparation is good, members of BIBAK Ireland worked hard and I appreciate the efforts of each member that made the consultation a success. What I don't like is the noise every night when I go to my room to sleep. Some participants don't consider their neighbors. I had been disturbed since the day I arrived. This should be corrected. I'm not really happy about it.
  • Preparation – hard worked and well done. The board and lodging - good food and drinks in abundance. The management of the gala night should have been with more coordination. It was nice though.
  • We had our own rooms. The conference room was really big. The meals were delicious and we even had a touristy tour.
  • In spite of your few members, you’ve made a good job. The venue is very nice and accessible. 
  • Felt very welcome being fetched at the airport; smooth flow from one activity to another; quiet place with reasonable accommodation facilities.
  1. What topics do you suggest for our next consultation?
  • Formation of the body.
  • How the new Igorot generation value Igorot traditions.
  • What is the place of Igorot values in the present situation.
  • How to increase the number of participants in Europe.
  • The future of indigenous peoples with the advent of globalisation. What can we do to counteract its impact with the view for the preservation of our cultural heritage.
  • Impact of global warming in the Cordilleras.
  • What are the ecological concerns in the Cordillera and what's our role in the preservation of our region - to protect our ancestral domain, culture and people. To protect our culture is to protect our land and our environment. We have no future as a people if there is a threat to ancestral domain.
  • Talk something about Ifugao, Kalinga, Abra but not always from Sagada, Besao and Bontoc, PLEASE!!!
  • Maybe add substance to other consultations by portraying your preparation on "how to's" in the making of one.
  • Values – the changing faces what worth are they to the present.
  • To go deeper our knowledge or panunut in our culture more explanation so that our next generation will be perfect one day.
  • The question of organizing.
  • Continue defining Igorot values.
  • Dance lessons.  
  • The next consultation is after 2 years so I don't know yet what to say.
  • Cordillera situation from today to that year.
  • The impact of ICBE on the Cordillerans.
  • Gathering more on our different cultural practices and study the meaning, purposes, indication of each implication and teach to the younger generation as well as to those who know nothing yet of our culture especially our dances ways of communicating to each other.
  • More intensive study of Igorot rituals.

No answers: Four

 9. What activities do you like? 

  • Actual demonstrations and explanations.
  • Video presentation.
  • A show program of groups who already have had experiences.
  • Documentation of important formation just gathered from recognized person.
  • Learning our dances and songs properly. (3x)
  • Workshops, discussion of issues not only our host country but include issues in the Philippines.
  • Socialization
  • Sharing of ideas.
  • Repeat of the current ones.
  • To know more to respect our Igorot community, for example, our instruments are not just instruments "tay ghameng."
  • Show and tell activities, group discussions and of course, the dances and songs "getting to know you."
  • Showing Igorot films. I never thought that we have great films pala. Well why don't you bring some again in Germany and coordinate with Manang Yvonne what topic to be discussed there and bring film related to the topic.
  • Meeting friends.
  • Workshops, sightseeing tour.

No answers:  Four

10. What other evaluation points do you like to share?

  • That officers from different countries should head and encourage members to participate in the consultation.
  • All chapters should bring their own banner.
  • Every participant should use their costumes.
  • Congratulations !!! the team was headed by from Benguet and we should encourage others from other provinces too like Ifugao , Kalinga, etc. but not again from Mountain Province.
  • It would have been better if film shown was geared to help us reflect deeper on the issues facing the Cordilleras. There are a few good documentation as regards to the devastation of the Cordillera, (ex., mining in Lepanto, Agno). Perhaps we can do a campaign about/against issues, this could be more signature campaign etc.
  • Basically that our consultation be more a pro-active one especially for the Cordillera cause.
  • Congratulations Igo Ireland. We hope this is a new beginning for everyone. Multiply and we're glad to see you every 2 years anywhere in Europe. Time is too short we are all glad we came and enjoyed the spirit of true Igorots.
  • You have the listening ear. You value each other’s idea or suggestions and that adds to the cohesiveness and solidarity.
  • Thanks a lot for all.
  • What is really outstanding is the sense of family and togetherness that is fostered by this event. This is very unique and not usually ever seen in a conference of any size anywhere. This needs to be preserved and built upon. Super job. Thanks.
  • Very well done.
  • Gawi gawis ay Ireland ya igorots isna ay ili, salasalamat for all the activities that you've shared with us. Ginanas mi et awni kasin ta mensabat tako ad Germany. Thanks for your hospitality.
  • Punctuality and silence of audience when program is going on.
  • Attendance and cooperation.
  • Audience participation in questioning and discussion.
  • BIBAK Ireland - it’s an accomplishment to be able to host a consultation. Congratulations again!

No answers – Six 

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