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The workshop outputs were composed of the reports of three groups that followed immediately after the power point presentation and in the afternoon, workshop reports by groups to address issues that were earlier identified during the program planning. The morning session workshops were guided by the recommendations identified in the power point presentation on the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage. It was a matter of coming up with activities to respond to the recommendations.


Morning Session: Workshop Reports

Group 1

Preservation and Promotion of the Cordillera Cultural Heritage and Addressing Prevailing Issues in Society”

Ruth Licay

Issue: Documentation of tangible and intangible heritage should be copyrighted as the Igorots’ intellectual property before they are pirated by other artists or authors.


Implementation Plan as recommended by Group 1

Duration: Two years and the documentation to be presented at the 5th ICBE Consultation.

¨ Year 1: Distributing and collecting pieces of researches.

¨ Year 2: Writing, and finalization of documentation.

· Tasking: Every member is tasked to contribute his/her own original stories, music, songs, films to be validated and included in every ICBE document.

Terms and Agreements:

· Originality. It was suggested that ICBE members themselves and their children can be the best actors/actresses to perform or reenact the documentation made during the ICBE Consultations and be filmed or printed.

· Vigilance. We must learn and be very assertive - with proper education through seminars, consultations, videos, flyers, DVDs, CDs - to protect Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to control exploitation and piracy.

· Petitions and Recommendations. Documentations related to culture made by ICBE should, if possible, be recommended for inclusion in school curriculum.

· Need for Overseer. The group members recommends if practical, the need for an overseer or governing body to oversee and present Consultation program/project proposals relevant to the preservation of cultural heritage. In the meantime with no one voted upon, Dave Aragones of Ireland agreed and assured his support.

· Need for ICBE governing body not only to oversee the event but also, as lobbying and validating authority in order to protect the Igorot IPR. 


Agnes Abanag                Recorder

Peter Agnaonao

Dave Aragones

Jane Batnag

Patrick Bounggick

Caridad Fiar-od

Fred Labfayong

Ruth Licay                       Facilitator; reporter

Nieves Pilacan

Fred Sagmaguen

Kathleen Tadawan

Carmen Malidom-Umayat


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