Unfreezing Activities and other ‘Ice Breakers’ that were Integrated (Action Songs, Raps, Dances, Games)

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 by Caridad B. Fiar-od

The dynamism of participants with no dull moments was held through and through during the duration of the conference with some unfreezing activities introduced spontaneously by any of the participants. These unfreezing activities were relevant and material to the participants that enhanced the attainment of the objectives.

Among these were the following:

a. Game introduced by Dono. The game was finding one’s spouse. The pairs of husbands and wives were blindfolded and as the music started, each one had to recognize his/her spouse using his/her sense of touch, sense of smell, sense of hearing. The couple who were the first to find each other was the winner. In such game, the winners were Dave and Eryl Aragones who were awarded a prize. In the name of Igorot-Austria, Dono Bounggick and Ruth Licay handed the Austrian Fruit/Wine Jar. The other couples who joined the game were Carmen and Tim Umayat, Brenia and Mark Calawen, Alice and Ric Cuyob, and Susan and Peter Agnaonao.

b. Action Song: “My Toes, My Shoulder, My Knees” acted in another version to differ from the usual use of the hands to touch the toes, knees, shoulders.

c. Rap in harmony with music: The participants were grouped into two - one as the rap group and the other, music group in harmony.

Rap and Song:

Thunder, thunder, thunderation

We’re the future generation

We can change the situation

To a world-class Igorot with a vision.

d. Opening songs to catch the attention of listeners. Aside from ‘Sha Mampay’ and ‘Surwei’ is the ‘Dossayan’ sang in an alternate manner of responding. This is another way of saying Hi! and given a response of Hello!

Dossayan, Dossayan

Dossaydossaydossayan, may we all understand;

Dossaydossaydossayan, culture in Igorotland.

e. Hawaiian Dance as adopted by a Non-Formal Class. This is with action to wake participants up.

Miliana eh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Miliana O ooooooooooooooooooo

Miliana Hawaiiiii, Lubi lubi

Ayya hakka kikidula (2x)

You prayed for me

I’m coming back to you

Sweet lu la lu, Beside the sea of Waikiki

Please wait for me.

f. Country Songs by Guitarist-singer Ric Kilongan and the Igorot songs composed and sang by Henry Foken.

g. Film viewing of short filmed Igorot value-laden real stories.


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