Post Conference Meetings by a Core Group to Plan for the 5th ICBE Consultation in 2009

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 by Caridad B. Fiar-od

A post conference was held in the evening of May 21, 2007 at Mark and Brenia’s residence to plan for the 5th ICBE to be held sometime during the second quarter in 2009. The salient points as agreed upon by the core group were the following:

a. Theme of the conference: “Igorot Cordillera Rituals: Its Meaning and Significance.”

b. Rhino shall be the contact person in Germany, while Yvonne acts as the general Coordinator.

c. Relevant to the theme, there shall be presentation of researched-based rituals of the different provinces in Cordillera, The commonalities of the rituals shall be pointed out.

d. As experienced, more time shall be provided for hands-on workshop on the ethnic dances. The profile of the different provinces shall also be presented. In this regard, it was suggested that the brief profile submitted by Caridad Fiar-od during the Melbourne IIC will be downloaded.

e. Other activities included the priorities for the tour to include Amsterdam. Invitations extended to other countries especially non-European countries shall be done by the host.

f. The general program of activities shall be drafted by Yvonne Belen. Conchita Pooten, Ruth Licay and Cristabel Bounggick shall help in the logistics.

g. Coming up with a Souvenir Program remained a concept with no clear implementation plan yet.


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