Aspects of Organizing a Conference

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 Group 3: Aspects of Organizing a Conference

Severino Oblas

As summarized by the group, the following hints to consider when organizing a conference were noted:

· A conference with lesser participants (small conference) is easier to organize and manage. Hence, participation of each one is insured;

· The interest of organizers and participants is determined. by their enthusiasm and involvement;

· Hassles are avoided if there is early confirmation of venue, affordability rate of registration and other costs. Likewise, participants need to confirm as early as possible.

· Letter of invitation specifies the itemized cost, exact address of venue and how to reach it, contact persons, documents needed for people who need visa;

· Brief information about the host country is needed such as the weather, tourist destinations, historical events, money exchange, language, common expressions used, etc.

· Publicity of the conference may attract others who are interested; and

· Continuous update is needed.

In planning a conference, the planning committee gets the suggestion from the members as to theme, dates and other sub-topics. They make these details final.

Success in any endeavor is attained if there are  working committees that take the responsibility. Committees may include the following:

· Finance

· Registration

· General Services (Sound System)

· Stage Preparation/Decoration

· Program

· Evaluation

· Documentation (Print or Non-print)


Geraldine Ayban

Frederick Baldo

Yvonne Belen                 Facilitator

Patrick Bounggick

Jane Gavino

Ric Kilongan

Rose Nabert

Rhino Oblas                   Reporter


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