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 Dave Aragones


BIBAK Ireland


To all, we give our immense & heartfelt thank you.

To Almighty God for allowing this event to take place.

To our families for their love, support and patience.

To Yvonne Belen for tirelessly and patiently prompting & reminding us of the things to be done using almost all means of communication – snail mail, e-mail, text & phone.

To Canon Katharine Poulton for suggesting the venue, use of the church premises for meetings to prepare for the event & for her continuous support of BIBAK Ireland.

To our donors - Angie Norton, owner & proprietor of Bayanihan Superstore, and the staff and management of Pinoy store - for their valuable donations and continued support.

To Rev. Ian Poulton for opening the event with a prayer and for his fond memories of the mountain provinces.

To Dr. Caridad Fiar-od for the knowledge, songs and laughter - there is never a dull moment with her.

To our Honorary Consul John Ferris for his talk on the Gala Night and his continued hard work for the Filipino Community.

To Henry Foken for the video editing & for adding his original songs.

To the staff of Marino Conference Centre especially Michel Loftus for trying his best to facilitate all that we need.           

To the Mc iLhatton Band and Gains School of Irish Dancing for both their superb performance on the Gala Night. 

To Claus Nabert a.k.a. Agpad for the beautiful photographs.

To all the participants who traveled from all over.

To the Igorot miners in Galmoy & Tipperary for accommodating almost all the participants and for the mouth-watering pinikpikan and pinapaitan.

To all officers and members of BIBAK Ireland who made their contributions in different ways, especially Tim Umayat & Mark Calawen for showing the participants around Ireland; Ronaliza Laron-Quintin for the decorations; Fred Sagmaquen for the video & photographs; and Agnes Abanag, Gracia Kibad & Arnel Kidpalos for their help with the program.

To the Steering Committee - Brenia Calawen, Carmen Malidom-Umayat, James Quintin, Jane Gavino & Judith Balangyao for their tireless effort and hard work for the success of this event.

To all who has been part of this event, and to all participants who travelled from all over.


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