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 The ICBE Consultation is a conference of different Igorot organizations from various countries of Europe. The Igorots are indigenous peoples living in the Cordillera, northern Luzon, Philippines. Previous consultations have been held in Belgium, Austria and Switzerland. Participants come not only from Europe but also, from countries worldwide. There have been delegates from Israel, Canada, the Philippines and the United States of America.




1. To value our Igorot identity.

2. To integrate with our new adopted home and with other Filipino communities.

3. To address the different Cordilleran’s concerns and issues at home and abroad.


Conference Contact persons:

Dave Aragones

Brenia Calawen



BIBAK Ireland

BIBAK Ireland

+ 353 (0)1 8709800

+ 353 0876856395

+ 353 0877997839







The thematic approach is used in recording the conference proceedings considering that the secretariat is composed of a team working in different areas with their specific assignment. In this way of recording, it allows any reader to read a specific topic he is interested in before going through the other areas of concern.


Giving premium to what was learned during the workshop on the aspect of leadership and volunteerism, Agnes Abanag summarized the workshop reports while Susan Kilakil collated the evaluation forms. Caridad Fiar-od was commissioned to put the proceedings in its draft form and Yvonne Belen to edit and finalize the proceedings.



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