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3rd Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK Europe (ICBE) Consultation
5-8 May 2005

by Claire Koller

Hello everybody. This is Martin and I expressing our thanks for all  the excellent and gratifying feedbacks we BIBAK SWITZERLAND are rerceiving from all of you. It was indeed a very successfull consultation from the beginning to the end. We ourselves were surprised how smoothly it went. Our conclution is that the theme of the consultation was fullfilled to the joy and satisfaction of each and everyone.  The diff. workshops were all satisfactorily tackled according to the reports.

Thank you Ric that you did not find a black cat in that dark room because as you said there was none in the first place.

Now, in the Betreff of this e-mail I wrote honesty. I would like to share it to all of you. Yesterday morning at  6.20 A M ,we went to pick  Nelly and Henry Pitog up arriving by train from Vienna. Arriving home she was missing her digital camera and cell phone, both were in the same bag. She was sure she forgot it in the train as she took some pictures on the way. Martin called the respective office and was told to let him know when they find it. After dinner Donno called from Vienna to inform us that she received a call from the States that the the bag with the camera and cellphone were found and can be picked up from Daniela in the reception of Hotel Sofitel in Zürich. What a relief for Nelly that her allergie got even better. How did it land in the reception of the hotel?--The cabin personal who found it asked the receptionist of the hotel to see what she can do to find the owner as he does not have much time before going back to wotk. (The train staff stay in Sofitel when in Zürich)She then openned the cellphone,got the sim card put it in hers and could call the first nr stored and that is the one in the states. The states called Donno in Vienna and Vienna called us, Martin called Daniela of Sofitel and at about 10 p m Nelly got her camera and cellphone back with the documentation of the consultation and her vacation all intack as they left Switzerland this morning at 7 A M.

It is very satifying to know that there are still honest people around. So come to Switzerland for vac. but make sure to have an honest person find whatever you loose. (Daniela did not even want to accept the token Henry gave) She was happy herself that Nelly got her camera back.


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