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3rd Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK Europe (ICBE) Consultation
5-8 May 2005

by Elizabeth B. Ut-utan

hello there from us here in Bristol, U.K.

Well we are back to work but still the memories of Switzerland is still fresh in mind.

The consultation as a whole, from the workshops, the discussions and topics, speakers, cultural show with the participation of the Swiss jodlers, the venue at the hotel with its friendly manager and staff and good food service and superb scenic view of Aschei and the tour guide is a memory to cherish.

Both of you and your colleagues were excellent hosts.

A big CONGRATULATIONS to all of you. The consultation was well organized and sucessfull. You did a brilliant, fantastic and great job, very well done. Keep up the good work and keep up the good unity that

you have. In unity we stand and divided we fall, as the saying goes. I hope that the suceeding consultations will be as sucessful as you had.


Lastly a million thanks.....God bless all of youthere.

sak en si,

elizabeth (beth) b. ut-utan


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