Thank You Letter by Sabina Kuenzi-Luminang

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3rd Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK Europe (ICBE) Consultation
5-8 May 2005

by Sabina Kuenzi-Luminang

After reading the different feed backs of the consultation. I am happy that some were eager to share their opinions about it. I would like to thank all of you who  came to join us and to make our consultation a success. I met the Phil.Amb. in the church after the mass and she said that she learn a lot about our culture and she likes to attend gatherings if she learn something out of it. She said we have a wonderful group and she extend her greetings and regards to all. She gave me her speech and a photo of hers for the souvenir program.

This is an opportunity to thank the different committees - program , decoration, transportation, invitation, transportation, invitation and snacks donated by Rebecca Riesterer and of course the finance. You all did a great job and thank God for the unity, patience, love and understanding which bind us together to come with the 3rd ICBE Consultation.




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