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3rd Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK Europe (ICBE) Consultation
5-8 May 2005

by Mia Apolinar Abeya

To the organizers and hosts of the 3rd ICBE,

Thank you all for a superbly organized 3rd European Igorot conference! It was indeed one of the most memorable conferences that I ever attended. I was quite impressed with the way we were met at the airport by Fred L, met at the train station  by the welcoming committee, the active participation of your European spouses, the beautiful venue of the conference, the tour of the Swiss valleys and mountain gorge, the very inspiring cultural exchange that transpired between the IGorots and the Swiss community, the tour that Milo gave us to Bern (the beautiful old capital city of Switzerland) and the care that Flordeliza S. and Fred L. gave us all the way to the Zurich airport in the wee hours of the morning of Mother's day. Thank you everyone - that was a very wonderful experience that will always be a part of me. Thank you also for the opportunity to share with you my thoughts on our culture. As promised I have attached copies of both the narrative and the powerpoint presentation that I have delivered during the convention. I hope that it will help in all your future gatherings.

Kindly share with Dono of the Austrian delegation - I believe she wants to use the presentation soon.

Manang Yvonne, would you kindly ask any of the participants if they could share with me any video recordings taken of the 3rd ICBE proceedings? I would like to include it in my file of Igorot conferences.

Thanks again for a lovely conference. Ed and I are looking forward to the next one in Ireland. This time, he will not miss! By the way, you asked me what would be a good topic for your next convention - I was thinking along the lines of "Getting Deeper into the Igorot Culture" as a follow through of our discussions in the 3rd one. There is so much to learn about our culture that our youth would really need to dig deeper to find the beauty of it all and the application of these values learned to their daily lives.    

More Power to you all and May your tribe increase!

Mia Apolinar Abeya

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