Thank You Letter by Ric Cuyob and Peter Agnaonao

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3rd Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK Europe (ICBE) Consultation
5-8 May 2005

Ric Cuyob and Peter Agnaonao

To the members of BIBAK Switzerland and to all the delegates of the 3rd ICBE consultation, Peter and I would like to express also our gratitude to everyone and congratulate the BIBAK Switzerland for doing all the most backbreaking jobs before, during and after the whole affair that made our 3rd ICBE consultation a unique and unforgettable one. For all the wisdoms imparted to us, the exchanges of experiences and the overall joyful and enjoyable consultation, we (Peter and I) are back here in Belgium and in our works safe and sound. We also would like to tell you that after the consultation we became wiser, more experienced, more joyful and consultable, but most of all more enjoyable than before ... he, he, he.

Would you like to know a proof of it? Okay... When we arrived at the train station in Brussels, it was already passed 11 p.m. because of some delays and so in order to come home quickly we decided to take one taxi dropping by Peter's place first and then I will continue to my place. Upon arrival at the place of Peter, Cristobal must have been there still awake waiting for his father that late because when we rang the bell he immediately opened the door before his mother and to his awe he seemed to have not seen us for so long that he called the attention of his mother laughing and saying, "Look mama! They have two different hair styles, one has brush up and the other has brush down. That's genial!" Such feeling of surprise prompted one of us to quickly tell him with a wink of an eye, "This is it. To go to the Swiss Alps, you have to go down in order to get up and you have to go up in order to get down. The same with our haircuts, they may either let you up or let you down!"

(Hey! Don't think of other things with your green minds you down there!)

Ric Cuyob

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