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3rd Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK Europe (ICBE) Consultation
5-8 May 2005

by Cristabel Olat-Bounggick

Indeed, Patrick and I were impressed! It was a long journey by car from Vienna, approximately 10 hours and a few kilometers away from the venue, we nearly got lost. Ruth, who was resourceful in providing us with a walkie talkie, facilitated the easier communication of our two pilots, Patrick and Julius (considering that phone calls are not possible). Thereby, we arrived just on time at Hotel Friedegg. Upon arrival, we were met by the welcoming smiles of other participants and the hospitality of the host accompanying us to our assigned rooms. The well-decorated surrounding was unique and very ethnic, so it was a homely atmosphere.

We missed Rose and Agpad Nabert for not attending the consultation. They wired us in Vienna, when they were in Salzburg, of their flying back immediately to Canada because of the health problem of Agpad’s mother. Later, we learned of her death. For this, we join Rose and Agpad and the Igorot community in mourning, “Even as we mourn this loss, we know within our hearts that those we love are never really gone, and may our Kabunian bless her in peace.”

The Consultation achieved its concept. The ICBE is moving in terms of organization, planning and implementation. It was a hard task of the BIBAK Switzerland considering the geographical situation yet it did work successfully. The motivation was strong and everybody was involved that no hindrances for the old and young participated in one way or another during the affair. The support and assistance of our speakers contributed in attaining our objectives; mentioning a few such as Mia Abeya for her leadership in organizing the instant dancers the night before the cultural presentation and Marjorie Lev, who joined our group during our presentation even without rehearsal. Julio Monico was quite resourceful making “magic” supplying our needs at the last minute for our group presentation. Yvonne, our forever initiator, was full of diligence and enthusiasm gathering us for the pre-conference, etc. designating our particular assignment. The participants were really flexible and cooperative with each other and determined to fulfill one common goal.

The affair for us was so exciting, memorable and most of all enriched our experiences and interest. It was also an opportunity to meet old and new friends as well as relatives. I also consider it a break from our routine daily activities, which is worthwhile for having the chance of seeing other places.

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