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2nd Igorot European Consultation
Vienna, Austria
 29 May – 1 June 2003



Beyond those travels hills of the north

Lies my home all laden with pines

Add missed the soft and silk and touch

Of morning grace I lead my prayer before it shines.


My thanks to thee

My love dressed in green

My laden trees unforeseen

My thanks to thee

Who spoke my life

Cordillera will always be mine.


With you I believe

In my life I will live

With you I will share

All my love with all care.

Igorot version:

Isnan adadawi ay bilbilig

Isdi san ititaw ko tet-ewa

Kaneg issan kankanaen da

Ay Shangrila men dalo ak ken sik-a.


Madaydayaw ay ili natalna

Umeyak ay mid egyat na

Salamat isnan Diyos ay manapo

Isnan Cordillera kokwak eng-gana


Ken sik-a mamatiyak

Isnan biag matago ak

Ken sik-a makibingayak

Is nan biag ay engenggana.

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