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2nd Igorot European Consultation
Vienna, Austria
29 May – 1 June 2003



Non-traditional Tuwali (Ifugao) folksong

Hitun algo an e madatngan               On this day that will come

An e tako punhi-anan                       The day that we part

Tun adul way naminhudan               This one who has fallen in love

Tun adul an e uumyong.                             This one who is pitiful.

Hi bigbigat umey kami                      Come morning we leave

Adim ut anhan kal-iwan                             Do not forget

Hantun mamhok an tagu                            This poor being

An e midadawi kadakayo.                Who will be far from you.

Dakul da di binabai                           Women are many

An mestisa’y ang-ang da                            Whose looks are fair

Mo maid di pinhod kon dida            But I desire none of them

Te heh-ay impuhawan   .                  For you are the one my heart has fallen for.

Hi bigbigat…

Nomnomnommom, adim kal-iwan   Think about it, do not forget

Handin kinalik ken heh-a                            What I have said to you

Te maid odom an pinhod ko             For none other do I desire

Ten bokon heha ya abu.                    None but you.

Hi bigbigat…                                   


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