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2nd Igorot European Consultation
Vienna, Austria
29 May – 1 June 2003



Traditional Northern Kankanaey folksong

Innas balala                                                Innas balala

O innas, gi innas                               O innas, gi innas

Balasibasem                                               Balasibasem

Gi innas, o innas.                              Gi innas, o innas.

Enta baw, enta baw                          Let us go, let us go

Si baey mi, baey mi                           To our house, to our house

Ubi pay, ubi pay                               It is purple yam, purple yam

Nan kanen mi, kanen mi.                            That we eat, we eat.

Innas balala…                                   Innas balala…

Inilak, inilak                                               I saw, I saw

Pay si amam, si amam                      Your father, your father

Insawad, insawad na.                        He was brandishing, brandishing

San gaman, san gaman.                    That knife, that knife.

Innas balala…                                   Innas balala…

Baken sa, baken sa’s                        That is no, that is no

Menpambalam, pambalam               Reason, reason

Membuweg, menbuweg                     Come with (me), come with (me)

Ta’y sumaa, sumaa.                          And we will go home, go home.

Innas balala…                                   Innas balala…

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