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2nd Igorot European Consultation
Vienna, Austria
29 May-1 June 2003


By Ric Cuyob


1. Second-generation

  • Encourage “Back to Roots” programme.
  • Include camping during next consultation.
  • Deal on question of values and culture.

2. Situation of Cordillera migrants in Europe

  • Make a declaration and programme of action to address issues of Igorot migrants. The concept paper will be made and circulated to us for comments. The draft concept paper will be presented to the IIC-5.

3. Aging migrants

  • Set up a residential home for elderly Igorot migrants. We will experiment in the UK. Igorot UK will make the concept paper, which will be presented to the IIC-

4. Bicultural Marriage

  • Learn language.
  • Get out of culture of “hiya”.
  • Bring partner to “ili” for immersion.
  • Look after the convenience of the children.
  • Have a campaign to reduce waiting for years of legalization.
  • Deal on question of values and culture.


5. Venue of next consultation will be Switzerland.

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