Update on the Igorot International Consultation-4 (IIC-4)

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By Conchita Pooten
Chairperson, IIC-4

The IIC-4 will be held in London on 28 June-1 July 2002 with the theme: Igorot Roots
to the Future Perspectives on Igorot Responses to Globalization. The IIC-4 is being
organized by Igorot-UK,Igorot-UK, IGOs-USA and IGO-Philippines. Some activities
will be held at the British Museum.

The keynote speaker is Mr. Oren Lyons – a native American leader of the
Confederation of Six Nations.

There will be a workshop on Igorots overseas. The activities at the British Museum
include public sessions on Igorot culture. Topics include: medicinal plants and
traditional medicine; songs, dances and instruments of the Cordillera; traditional
knowledge and intellectual property rights; Tinguians of Abra, etc. There will also be
hands-on workshops and demonstrations on Igorot cultural practices such as rice
wine making, handweaving and wood/ice carving.


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