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We express our word of thanks to the following:

Ric Cuyob for coordinating the preparatory activities of ACPE, Alice Pumihic and Marivonne for their family support to Ric;

Cordi-Bel for hosting the assembly;

Didier and Marylin Bradfer for hosting the first preparatory meeting at their residence in Luxembourg;

Peter Agnaonao, Susan Kilakil and their son, Cristobal, of Cordi-Bel for hosting the second preparatory meeting;

Members of the preparatory committee for giving their valuable time, free of charge, and for paying their travel expenses to the meetings,

Steungroep Inheemse Volkeren (KWIA-Support Group for Indigenous Peoples) for the financial support,

Filippijnen Groepen Belgie (FGB or Philippine Solidarity Network Belgium)  KWIA, the Province of East Flanders in Belgium, New World and the 11.11.11 for the celebration of the Cordillera Day; and

Finally, to our god, Kabunian, who brought us together in the spirit of mutual acceptance and who inspires us to carry on, as migrants in Europe from the Cordillera.


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