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7th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK Europe (ICBE) Consultation

Barcelona, Spain

9-12 May 2013  


By Beverly Pooten (BIBAAK-Madrid)


In behalf of BIBAAK-Madrid and as one who organized our group in 2008, it’s an honor to be a delegate and be a part of this ICBE family reunion. I call it a family re union, hence it is a clan of all Cordillerans living here in Europe. Even if we belong to different families in the Cordillera, different culture, different ages, different ways in coming to this continent of Europe or any part of the world...we have a common denominator to come as “one family” and in one gathering like ICBE...we have

“REUNION” with our elders our grand elders and our children.

We met relatives that we don’t know, we met old friends, and foremost reminisced our cultural dances and tradition that we are born with. Some may recall the moment they have their “cultural weddings” with the beat of the gongs. It gave us opportunity to learn different cultural dances not only our own, and give chance to those who were not able to learn it from home.

To manang Yvonne, the ICBE elders, to Barcelona BIBAK, our thanks and salute to you. Kudos to all who joined and congratulations to all of us, hope to see you all ICBE.


Beverly Pooten (BIBAAK-Madrid)

This is one of our aims in preserving our cultural heritage, teach our young generation to learn and appreciate our culture even as they grew up overseas.


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