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7th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK Europe (ICBE) Consultation

Barcelona, Spain

9-12 May 2013  


By Marilyn Aro (Cordillerans in Italy)

Hello to all!!

Through God’s Providence and protection we too arrived in Italy safely. Despite the disturbance on the plane by Formula 1 fans, I fell asleep almost all throughout the trip. Yes, I believe if not a few most of us are back to work and back to our normal daily routine again. I myself started yesterday (13 May 2013) with a morning shift that started at 7 a.m. till 4 p.m. After work, went to retrieve blood exams in the hospital and later passed by the grocery arriving at home at 7 p.m. to prepare dinner.

Being back to the real world, I’m still reminiscing the wonderful and joyful experience I just had in attending the 7th ICBE consultation for the first time in Barcelona, Spain! Indeed it was a great experience meeting kakailyans from different parts of Europe also from the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Older ones and young ones from different ethnic groups being proud of their own ethnicity and identity! The authentic presentation of couples, children and delegates of different countries with their respective costumes; the intelligent exchange of ideas and group discussions. The well-organized and supportive ICBE members and officers in cooperation with the host, BIBAK Barcelona, contributed a lot to the success of the 7th ICBE consultation from the beginning of the activity till the end.

Not only that, I discovered the beauty of the city and other places nearby, compliments to the BIBAK Barcelona for organizing the group tours. I also experienced the warm hospitality of the Spaniards proving we inherited this value from them. Not to forget the delicious specialties like the paella and tapas, we also enjoyed the wok and buffet restaurants found in Plaza Catalunya and along Centro Aragones.

Above all these experiences during the 7th consultation meeting, I was inspired a lot for its cultural awakening and ethnic strengthening effect. It made me realize the importance of identifying the different ethnic groups of every province in the Cordillera. In that way, we can strengthen more our values as IGOROTS (Ingenuity, Goodness, Open-mindedness, Resilience, Originality and Truthfulness) in realizing our visions, goals and objectives; in uplifting our race and heritage thereby maintaining our legacy for our younger generation wherever they are.

Congratulations once again to all ICBE members and officers, the host BIBAK Barcelona and other delegates from Europe and the United States of America for the success of the 7th Consultation meeting this 9th till the 12th of May 2013! Thank you so much and hope to see you all during our 8th consultation in Austria!!

I am an Igorot and in my blood runs our ethnic heritage! Wherever I will be I’ll always be proud of being one!!!

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