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7th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK Europe (ICBE) Consultation

Barcelona, Spain

9-12 May 2013  


By Francis Kiwang (ULNOS di Mountain Province in Rome, Italy)

Though I feel sick that day when we arrived in Barca cuz of that missing baggage, the warmth of your embrace to welcome us healed me instantly. Seeing your smiling faces towards us, I was overwhelmed with joy instead. Thank you to all of you for that wonderful experience. I will never forget that.

My snappy salute to the ICBE officers and members, BIBAAK-Madrid and to all, specially BIBAK Barcelona for your efforts and contributions that made the 7th ICBE consultation a success. Congratulations to everyone. God bless you more.

The 7th ICBE consultation was indeed a very successful one. It taught not only us but also the young generation the importance of our Igorot culture. This event did not only give us the favor to know each other but also, we’re letting the world know that together, we are proud of our heritage and we are united as one.

Thank you again, God bless you.

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