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7th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK Europe (ICBE) Consultation
Barcelona, Spain
9-12 May 2013  


  Ric Cuyob (Cordillera Community in Belgium)

The 7th ICBE Consultation in Barcelona is another new added experience for me. Every ICBE that I attended and I knew is always different. The experience, the place, the people, the participants, the host organizations and/or groups and of course the topics varies however, I see progress. 

From the previous ICBE consultation, this 7th edition in Barcelona has brought in new developments. It is the first time that the delegates took care of arranging their accommodation. It is the first time that the host organization (BIBAK Barcelona) and its members never attended any previous ICBE consultation. It is the first time that we witnessed two turn-over of responsibilities. It is the first time for BIBAK Barcelona to host a European gathering since the formation of their group like some of the previous hosts that I knew. It is also the first time in the series of consultations that invited guest speakers were unable to attend. In my case, it is also an experience where I felt myself a first timer in the consultation after I missed the 6th consultation in London. These are among the many elements that I found new in this 7th consultation. I noticed that there are less youth participants in this conference as compared to the previous ones.

I also noticed the enthusiasm of the delegates of  BIBAAK-Madrid, BIBAK Marbella, ULNOS di Mountain Province in Rome, Cordillerans in Italy of Bologna and Modena (Italy), United Cordillera Workers in Rome Italy, and the delegate from Como, Italy as new comers aside from BIBAK Barcelona as the host.

One thing that still needs to be followed up, which the delegates approved, is the resolution calling for the commemoration of the 1887 Madrid Exposition, where some Igorots were exhibited. If in the future, the Spanish government would recognize this call for a commemoration, it will be another breakthrough for BIBAK Barcelona and BIBAAK-Madrid and an occasion for ICBE to visit Spain again outside of the ICBE consultation.

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