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(1) Preparatory                       Yvonne Belen, Cristabel Olat-Bounggick

Committee                              Conchita Pooten (for ICBE); Gil Tiban Catimo

(Meeting on 11-12                  (President, BIBAK Barcelona) & BIBAK

November 2010)                     Barcelona members. 


(2) Preparatory                       Gil Tiban Catimo & BIBAK Barcelona

Committee                              members

(Jan. 2011- May 2013)          

(3) Information                       Yvonne Belen, Gil Catimo 

(4) Program                            BIBAK Barcelona, Yvonne Belen, Gil Catimo, Ricardo Cuyob            

(5) Venue                                Gil Catimo, Annette Banya-ao 

(6) Decoration                        BIBAK Barcelona, Cristabel Bounggick, Evelyn Castro, Beverly Pooten, Julie Walang

(7) Streamer                           Gil Catimo, Mark Catimo, Julie Walang

(8) Registration                      Marvin Mones, Julie Walang, Alice Belino

(9) Conference Kit                 BIBAK Barcelona, Cristabel Olat-Bounggick (Photocopying), Ricardo Cuyob, Cesar Taguba

(10) Name Tags                      Ricardo Cuyob

(11) Invitation                        BIBAK Barcelona, Gil Catimo (for Philippine delegates) 

(12) Cultural Night                 BIBAK Barcelona, Cristabel Olat-Bounggick, Gil Catimo, Ricardo Cuyob, Joan Tavares-Inabiohan, Manie Mones

(13) Audio-visual equipment             Shirley Caytap

(14) Ushers/Usherettes           Cristobal Kilakil Agnaonao, Laura Michelle Agnaonao

for the Cultural Night             Baeyens,  Alice Belino, Cynthia Imingan Bolayo, Maite Catimo, Marie Cuyob, Marivonne Pumihic Cuyob, Monica Pumihic, Julie Walang

(15) Sightseeing Tour            Evelyn Castro, Gil Catimo, BIBAK Barcelona (in charge of packed lunch), Annette Banya-ao, Maite Catimo

(16) Song Booklet                  Glenn Amora, Yvonne Belen, Cristabel Olat-Bounggick, Hilda Bounggick

(17) Souvenirs                                    Julie Walang

(18) Financial Report             Annette Banya-ao, Gil Catimo, Marvin Mones

(19) Documentation (Written)          

(a) On the activity                  Ricardo Cuyob

(b) Thursday, 9 May               Consie Taguba-Lozano 

(c) Friday, 10 May                 Consie Taguba-Lozano

(d) Saturday morning,                        Ruth Licay, Cristina Malani-Suanding, Ricardo

11 May                                    Cuyob, Laura Michelle Agnaonao Baeyens, Myla Matayeo

(e) Saturday afternoon,          Lydia Udasco-Konarski, Laura Michelle

11 May                                    Agnaonao Baeyens

(f) Saturday evening,              Judy Ann Tumapang Lapena, Susan Strohmayer-

12 May                                    Sangalang, Marjorie Abeya-Soaygan 

(g) Sunday morning               Annette Banya-ao  

 12 May

(20) Documentation               Consie Taguba-Lozano


(21) Documentation               Suzane Kilakil



(22) Hosts in Barcelona         Evelyn Castro, Gil Catimo and family, Joan Tavares-

of the Philippine                     Inabiohan, Loreta Kilongan, Cordillera Community 

delegates (if delegates            in Belgium care of Ricardo Cuyob,  Igorot Austria-

were able to attend)                Cordillera care of Cristabel Olat-Bounggick.          


*This is also an acknowledgment to those who made the 7th ICBE Consultation possible. 

To many who attended the consultation and the “Igorot Cordillera European Cultural Night,” thank you, too. Your presence made the conference a success.



Gil Tiban Catimo (BIBAK Barcelona) and Yvonne Belen (ICBE)

28 May 2013



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