Gil’s Impressions (As Addendum to “Evaluation with Gil and Julie”)*

Written by Gil Tiban Catimo on .

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Dear Manang Yvonne,

I have to add Market Hotel Restaurant as the first  hotel I reserved until their deadline in September 2012. In this hotel, they have a saloon for the conference venue.

Maybe the hardest part of my assignment was looking for a hotel and venue. I started visiting hotels around Barcelona every time I’m off from work from January through November 2012. In the evening I tried searching also through the Internet. I have to ride in metro trains, sometimes bus or hiking. I consider it a nice exercise anyway. From here, as far as I can remember, Annette Banya-ao started to give contacts for accommodation. I don’t know if some found them useful in finding accommodation finally.

But now after all this, after what I and we did for the preparation, I have to accept that something developed in me, more knowledge in communicating and more knowledge in general, more confidence. And after maybe a bit of frustration of not satisfying the choice of attendees for the ICBE consultation, I made a reflection to continue or surrender. I preferred to challenge the frustration and continue with my responsibility, accepting clearly that I am the responsible one. Then now, looking back with what has been accomplished, all for us is satisfaction maybe not perfectly done but the 7th ICBE Consultation was held in Barcelona hosted by BIBAK Barcelona.

I remember during our 1st anniversary, I appointed Freda Changat as our coordinator, responsible for organizing our anniversary. She planned that we will have at the same time a Grand Cañao, inviting you as our guest speaker and also inviting Dr. Caridad Fiar-od coming from the Philippines. Everybody was astonished and rejected her proposal. She then wanted to resign. I had to talk to her then we solved the problem. During this period we were just a newly-born baby and we did not have any experience, even that of organizing an anniversary program. Now, we can say we had our debut and turned into an adult.

I hope this will summarize my impressions and all of us, which some members of BIBAK Barcelona can’t express, because we were taken by surprise that the 7th ICBE consultation is accomplished. 

But I have to say again thank you to the ICBE council in giving us this task and opportunity. It made us grow, but our utmost thanks and honor to you as the visible head of this enriching ICBE consultation.

It is a great honor knowing you manang Yvonne and your family.

Muchas gracias y saludos,



*Letter sent on the 24th of May 2013


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