Evaluation of some Participants

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Evaluation of some Participants

Sunday, 12 May 2013

EMCEE: Claire Koller (BIBAK Switzerland)


Julius Banban (Igorot Organization-Austria)

Kudos to BIBAK Barcelona.

We invite you all to the IIC-10 in Vienna on August 7-10, 2014.

Yvonne Belen (The Netherlands)

Thank you to the host, BIBAK Barcelona. From a group that had questions in the beginning on hosting an ICBE conference---since perhaps it’s their first time to hear about ICBE and to host a European conference with the eventual financial consequences involved---they accepted and went on to carry the tasks until the end. Gil said, ‘We accepted it and also accept the responsibility.’ I find their attitude very positive. 

            BIBAK Barcelona is the organization on the ground. Without them, especially Gil, whom I was constantly in contact with, following up the different aspects of the conference: venue and food reservation, bus reservation, invitations, and so on, the conference would not have run smoothly as it did.

What I appreciate with Gil is---he responds to the e-mails as soon as he can. A week is already a long time for him to respond.

Thanks too to all the participants who attended. Without you, there would have been no conference. And to our speakers, our heartfelt gratitude.

Alice Belino (BIBAK Barcelona)

Congratulations to Gil for his efficiency and humbleness and I’m proud that he’s the president.  Thank you, Gil Catimo.

Gil Catimo (BIBAK Barcelona)

Thank you to ICBE.

Apologies ti panagkurangan mi.  We have learned many things.

What I will remember of this conference is---my son requested for an Igorot vest during the cultural night and he wore it.

Shirley Caytap (BIBAK Barcelona)

First, thanks to those who came. It’s my first time to attend. My observations: Visitors came with smiling faces. You welcomed us. We didn’t welcome you.

Second, you came ready. Very friendly ang pagdating ninyo. You showed your love.

For the host to improve---dagdagan ang warm welcome; matuto kami na maghost.


Christina Dangkiw (BIBAAK-Madrid)

Thanks to all our ma-manang ta adda pagsasabatan tayo.


Amorsola Gayuchan  (Como, Italy)

I met my schoolmate in college.

Francis Kiwang (ULNOS di Mountain Province) Rome, Italy.

I invite you all to the 2014 Grand Cañao.

Thanks for being here. Kurang ti panang-ayat ti maysa ken maysa kadatayo.


Ruth Licay (Igorot Organization-Austria)

Thank you, BIBAK Barcelona.

Don’t put responsibility on the host. We came a day earlier and we went around the city. We come to help but not to criticize.

Beverly Pooten (BIBAAK-Madrid) 

Congratulations to BIBAK Barcelona.

Information Technology helped. Information kept on being given. With comments, we communicated.

Positive: This group is represented by different levels, by young and old. It’s not only us but we are a family.

We encourage others to attend.

To everyone, congratulations for your presence.  


Conchita Pooten (Igorot UK)

There is always pleasure in attending IIC and ICBE. I look forward to seeing all. You see oneness. My blessings in the IIC and ICBE are my daughters who met their husbands in the IIC.

Carry on, move on. Unity, peace, harmony is the message.


Rosmar Smith (United Cordillera Workers of Rome Italy)

I thank the Lord for the opportunity to be here.

First thing I learned is looking at children doing this and doing that.

Second, thank you.


Cristina Malani-Suanding (Igorot Organization-Austria) 

Thanks to Gil and BIBAK Barcelona. Ti amok ket shy da but not here.


Recorded by:

Yvonne Belen

12 May 2013


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