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Our loving and living God,

our help in ages past and

our hope for the years to come,

our shelter from the stormy blast and our eternal home.

We thank you for safely bringing us together

to celebrate life, affirm our identity and unity and

To share our stories and aspirations as Cordillerans abroad.

We rejoice with your presence and guidance

Through all our ICBE meetings from Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, United Kingdom and now here in this beautiful and hospitable city of Barcelona.

We remember and celebrate the life of those in our ICBE fellowship who passed on, namely, Andy Cutig and Julian Banban.**

We cherish our Cordillera martyrs in the movement for life, the defense of ancestral land, right to self-determination, safeguard of the environment and peace based on justice.

Bless our songs, chants, dances and sharing tonight and

May it be a joyous celebration of our culture, unity in diversity and identity;

May the joy we have testify to your love.

Bless our dreams and hope as your people in diaspora.

In Jesus’ name we pray.






Prayer during the “Igorot Cordillera European Cultural Night.”



(and others: Claire Alacyang, Marilyn Dulnuan-Guinaran, Angelita Wunderle-Raymundo.)

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