Workshop Group #1 Report

Written by Ricardo (Ric) Cuyob on .

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Workshop Group #1

(Saturday morning, 11 May 2013)

Facilitator & Reporter: Ricardo Cuyob

Secretary: Shirley Caytap


Rita Amaqui

Helen Banban

Alice Dawayan Belino

Cresencia Bayowan

Cristabel Olat-Bounggick

Gil Tiban Catimo

Shirley Daliling Caytap

Marie Tami-ing Cuyob

Virginia Casao-Czesak

Christina Banuca Dangkiw

Amorsola Likigan Gayuchan

Joan Tavares-Inabiohan

Clarita Koller-Alegre

Ruth Lammawin-Licay

Margaret Panganiban

Beverly Pooten

Conchita Balagtey-Pooten

Monica Dango-Pumihic

Susan Strohmayer-Sangalang

Group #1 Report on:

Dr. Serafin L. Ngohayon’s Keynote Address: “Appreciating the Similarities and Differences of the Cordillera Ethnic Groups”


Without the forest, Cordillera is a death dealing land!

Without watershed, Cordillera is a lifeless land!

There goes the declaration of the group 1 workshop. In such affirmation, they posed the question, “What should be done to protect the remaining forest and watershed in the Cordillera?”

  • Many of the members suggested participating or supporting the project/program of Mr. Michael Bengwayan on reforestation.
  • Ms. Conchita Pooten also suggested that with the experience of the “Balik Ili Youth Program of Igorot U.K,” the second generation Igorots could organize a reforestation project in the Cordillera.
  • Ms. Joan Tavares-Inabiohan brought out the idea that there should be a livelihood program.

Since time is limited for the group to get into further discussion, the facilitator summarized the sharing as the following:

1. Reforestation or tree planting is a concern that calls for the attention of everybody.

2. There should be an aspect of education or mentality transformation to instill in the people’s mind the culture of forest and watershed preservation.

3. The aspect of good governance from the national down to the local level is a must.

4. The need for a scientific means or knowledge on how to improve the source of livelihood of the Cordillerans so they don’t have to burn down a whole mountain or clear up even the steepest area to make a “kaingin.”

The group came up with the following recommendations:

  1. There is a need for government determination from the national down to the local level on protecting the forests and preserving watersheds.
  2. Viable alternative livelihood program for the people.
  3. For ICBE to initiate a sort of “Balik Ili Youth Reforestation Program” for the second generation of Igorots in Europe.
  4. Individually support in whatever means or ways the efforts of Mr. Bengwayan and company in the Cordillera for the protection of the environment and for reforestation.


By Ricardo Cuyob

Cordillera Community in Belgium (Cordi-Bel)


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