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IGOROT AUSTRIA, with its aim to continue to uphold and preserve the uniqueness of the Igorot heritage, started an annual evening celebration highlighting the ceremonies and traditions of the different provinces of the Cordillera.  In 2017,  BEGNAS AUSTRIA was held serving as a kick-off event promoting the festivities of the Mountain Province. 

Kangrunaan A Damag Newscast

DAMAG PINOY ABROAD: Selebrasyon ti Adivay Austria 2018, naballigi; Panagtulong iti maysa manen a probinsiya ti Cordillera, mapunpuntirya

Posted by PTV Cordillera on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

This year, featuring the BENGUET province, they hosted ADIVAY AUSTRIA 2018 which was held on the 19th of May at Ada Christengasse 2 Halle where Cordillerans convened for a night of cultural dances, chants and beating of the gongs as a celebration.

The organization continues to celebrate their background to maintain and strengthen their cultural roots while empowering each other in facing the challenges and adversities of life away from their motherland. It also strives to introduce and instill to the younger generation, especially at this modern age and times, the significance of the traditions started by their forefathers. 

Part of its purpose in hosting these celebrations is to raise funds to give back to their roots, through financial donation to schools and/or medical supplies assistance to small towns in need. And as agreed upon by the members, the proceeds of the funds raised during the event will be given to the next Cordillera province to be promoted. 

Last year, Igorot Austria, which is chaired by Mrs Hilaria Banban Garcia, was able to hand over 60,000 pesos to Dr. Felix Manangan, of Kabayan, Benguet. The amount was raised from the night of BEGNAS  AUSTRIA 2017 to aid in the medical needs of Kabayan. The placement of this year´s funds from the event will  still be discussed by the body. 


Liezerey Lab-oyan is a native of Kibuñgan, Benguet. She studied BS Psychology at Saint Louis University in Baguio City. She is 28 years old, good looking, and one of the most active member of Igorot Austria!

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