Words of Thanks: 2nd Grand Cañao, Rome, Italy

Written by Yvonne Belen on .

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2nd Grand Cañao

Rome, Italy

1 June 2014

Words of Thanks

By Yvonne Belen

For a memorable stay in Rome before and after the event, I would like to thank the following:

(1) ULNOS di MountainProvince in Rome, Italy led by Francis Kiwang and United Cordillera Workers in Rome Italy (UCWRI) for taking care of our (Michelle Budaden of Sweden and me) accommodation.

(2) Special mention to Rosmar Smith, secretary of UCWRI, who I was in constant communication with, for arranging our accommodation and other matters.

(3) Freddie Hangdaan and Rosmar for meeting me at the airport in the evening of the 27th of May. Freddie drove us all the way to the center of Rome.

(4) Jane Kingay and Maris Teresa Yaris for accompanying me on the 28th of May while waiting for Michelle to arrive from Sweden in the early evening. They accompanied me to a bookstore and to Chinatown. We also met with Grace Banto and Shirley Licyayo.

(5) Mary Kindipan Ayungo, Isabel Bagano, Joyce Densen, Ester Gayagay, Amorsola Gayuchan, Crispina Kiwang and Victoria Tawagin for being our tour guides on the 31st of May.

N.B. Those who joined the tour were: Amy Balbawang (Cordillera Community of Belgium), Patrick and Cristabel Bounggick (Igorot Austria-Cordillera), Michelle Budaden (Sweden), Nathaniel Chin (son of Melchora Calang-ad Chin from Australia) and yours truly.   

(6) Rosmar for inviting us to a barbecue of their clan at Lago (Lake) Cesano on the 2nd of June and to Simon Smith for driving us to the place.

(7) Crispin Cornel and Edna Smith (and their clan of 20 persons) for hosting the barbecue and bringing us to Castelo Orsini-Odesclachi and Lago di Bracciano.

(8) Freddie for driving Michelle and me back to where we were staying.   

Grazie Mille!


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