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The 6th ICBE in London was a success. Congratulations to Igorot-UK, who hosted this consultation! The generosity of the Pootens, Balagtey and Masferre families was so extraordinary that made the affair very successful. Thank you to you all.

I enjoyed all the activities especially the welcome and turnover evening. Everything was almost impromptu. The Gotad ad London highlighted the second evening. Most of the participants were Ifugaos from the Philippines and UK-based. The Keynote Address of Dr. Serafin Ngohayon on “Living Our Igorot Values” was so educative and enlightening.

The presentation on “Showing Ethnicity” by Dr. Caridad Fiar-od and the discussion on the Cordillera updates presented by Geoff Nettleton were both interesting. It was encouraging to know more about the Cordillera and what’s happening there.

The tour was also an eating activity so that the bus driver had to clean the mess twice. With this ICBE tour, I had the chance to see those sceneries beyond my imagination. Thanks to the guides from Bristol.

The gala night was fantastic. There were an enormous number of Igorot participants. The cultural dances of the whole Cordillera region were presented by representatives of the different towns and provincial organizations in Great Britain. This showed their strong solidarity.

The departure day was really a feel-good, feel-bad situation. Some had their chance to express their feelings while I didn't know what to say.

Thank you all who participated in this 6th ICBE consultation.


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