Reaction to: “German Scientific Work in the Cordillera – A Continuing Challenge”

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Serafin L. Ngohayon, Ph.D.



Ifugao State College of Agriculture and Forestry


Nayon,  Lamut

Ifugao,  Philippines

1.   Greetings


2.   Expression  of Gratitude:

On behalf of the organizers of this 5th ICBE consultation, I wish to express our wholehearted appreciation to H. E. Delia D. Albert, Ambassador of the Philippines to Germany, for the immediate acceptance of our invitation for her to grace our humble gathering. It is just unfortunate that, as she said, duty calls and she has to act in more urgent commitment for our beloved country. For that, we shall not despair! Besides, the fact that she gave a written message, she really meant and longed to be with us. For that, we are truly grateful to our good Ambassador.


3.   I fully agree with Ambassador Albert when she said that for Cordillera Region to fully develop and stand with its own, it must harness and maximize the use of its vast/rich natural resources. I agree with Ambassador Albert when she further said that we Cordillerans must learn from the German Experience and educate our people to become performing scientists. I share her belief that we need science to add value to our resources and we need scientists from the Cordillera to do that for us.

4.   It is immensely inspiring to know and see a lot of Igorot people from the Cordillera doing well here in Europe. It is much more encouraging to see that you have shared your success to your families whom you have brought here from home or which you have formed in here with your partners.

5.   Being in Europe, a continent known for its scientific breakthroughs that lead to economic prosperity, you have all the opportunity to educate your children to become scientists and perhaps Nobel Laureates for the benefit of the Cordillera Region and the whole Igorot race.


Perhaps it‟s just a matter of time and we‟ll have that day that one of those astronauts who will land in the moon is a Cordilleran.

6.   Having organized yourself into one active organization, we urge you to stay united, cohesive and active. Practice and teach the various Igorot rituals to your children to tame their aggressiveness and direct them to the place you came from. As one famous statesman once said, “Coming together is good; knowing each other is better, but working together is progress.”

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