The Town of Luna

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In the early 1920’s a group of adventurous young men from the land of Ilocandia arrived at the little sitio of Lungalong now called San Isidro. Their coming was the result of the expanding population of the Ilocos regions and their love of adventure. They wanted to acquire more lands where their family could live happily together. They came by boat through the China Sea and landed at Abulog, Cagayan. From there, they traveled on foot.

The group was led by Antonino Barroga who was the oldest among them. They found little clearings in the place done by our pagan brothers who ran away upon sight of people from the outside world. They made temporary residence in Lungalong, but when summertime came, their search for fresh water to drink made them move farther. One of them climbed a big tree to view a place where he could find a creek. Later, together with some others from the group, he moved westward to what he called “Makatel”, because of the presence of many poisonous leaves.

Seeing some bright prospects in the place, they went back to the Ilocos Regions to invite more friends. They were afraid of the headhunters.

They returned with a bigger group. They made friends with the natives and employed them in clearing the forests.

One day the whole group gathered together in a place at the middle to decide on the name they would give to the town.

With Antonino presiding, the group decided on Makatel as the site of the poblacion, and to change its name to Luna, the great hero of Ilocandia, General Antonio Luna.

Months after, when the place had already been cleared of head-hunters, they made their permanent settlement in the place. Antonino was made the first alcalde of the place, having been voted upon by the leaders.



Bautista, L. G. “The Town of Luna.” In Folk Tales of Mountain Province: Retold for Children-Grade V. 1st ed. Baguio City: n.p., 1960, 39-40.



This folk tale was produced by Area - - A during a Division Curriculum Workshop held in Baguio City, Philippines on February 9-17, 1960. The workshop’s theme was “Enriching the Curriculum Through the Development of Local Materials.” 

“Division” in Division Curriculum Workshop refers to a schools division of the Department of the Education. It could have been then the “Mountain Province Schools Division.” (YBelen,8December2014)

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