Symbolic Meanings and Rituals Associated With Red, Black and White Colors in the Filipino Igorot Culture

Written by Vivalyn Meyerhoff on .

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About the Author

Vivalyn Meyerhoff nee Sawad, with Igorot name “Chaliwaya” credits her journey from the
little known barangay or “baryo” Alab in Bontoc, Mountain Province, Philippines to the
pedestals of New York Metropolis to the closely knit bond and guidance of family common to
every Igorot family. She ran wild in the local barrio school, Alab Elementary School, actively
tried to fit in the town’s Mountain Province General Comprehensive High School and at the
University of the Philippines College Baguio. After college, she became a research assistant
in organic farming at Benguet State University, an educator in a private school in Dagupan
City, Pangasinan and in a public school in Baguio city, Pines City National High school.
Since 2003, she has graced the classrooms of New York City Department of Education as a
Special Education Teacher Support Services provider. She is active in promoting her cultural
roots. She is a member of BIBAK New York.

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