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11th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK-Europe (ICBE) Conference 

May 18-20, 2023

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


What do you think of the talk of Atty Cheryl Daytec on "Cordillera Autonomy?" What would you have wanted to know more? What questions would you have wanted to ask?

The topic on Cordillera Autonomy by Atty. Daytec was mentally challenging, especially for a person like me who doesn't know anything about the topic. I find it very important  that she cited some supreme court cases to back up some examples.

What would you have wanted to know more?

If having an Autonomous form of government is analogous with having a Federal form of government?

I've been hearing about CAR since I was a child and I am not sure if the Cordillera has already reached its Autonomy or was already given the Autonomy status?

If yes, does a Development plan also exist? (example 5, 10, 20, 30 years.... )

Who is responsible for granting an Autonomy status?

I think it would also be a good idea if the participants were asked beforehand if they would like to have a hard copy of the lecture.

  • Honeyleen Lucero-Meyer

My opinion is even if we have autonomy, if the government doesn’t do what our people want, and even if we vote for our own senators from the Cordillera and the whole Philippines doesn’t vote for our senators, there is no chance for us. 

  • Henry Foken

I woke up with a great smile and a wonderful feeling wondering again what great things may happen. 

The presence of Atty Daytec was so encouraging and proud, she presented well. I have a lot to ask but I know we didn’t have enough time for such. Because I’m from Benguet, that's why  there are lots of problems about land tenure, especially mining claims... Anyway, some other time.

  • Glenn Palangdan Yamoyam

Kudos to our guest speaker for sharing her knowledge about Indigenous people and Cordillera Autonomy.

  • Herminia Teh-op, Conchita Linobhut & Marissa Teh-op  


In the morning session of May 20 I already asked Atty Chyt Daytec but what I would like to know is who drafted the content of the Autonomy and what does it really say about who will manage and be in control of our Cordillera natural resources. As it stated that all companies that are exploiting and who will exploit our natural resources shall pay their tribute to the autonomous region of Cordillera? 

  • Gil Tiban Catimo


The inputs of Atty Cheryl Daytec on Autonomy and Self-Determination are inspiring. Supporting such topics to be continuously discussed in schools, groups, and offices in the Cordilleras would be great. 

  • Airen Kalley-Ruettimann


I like the idea that while we gather and enjoy ourselves together as a community promoting our unique culture and discussing issues related to us, our voices and stands can be heard. I have to say, Atty Cheryl D. has spoken well on this topic, with her given examples, referrals and quotes she has stressed her points. She mentioned the miners in Lepanto, Mankayan and became a bit emotional - I have seen the sinking part of the town of Poblacion, Mankayan and if that is irresponsible mining, I have thought of those families fed by Lepanto mines. The lots of "dayos" from the lowlands including us from the mountain province to have settled there and called our home, the sacrifices of the miners including my dad gave survival to many, produced responsible educated children. Ja, for a short moment my mind wandered during my childhood and the memories of simple life yet full of peace.

  • Marjorie Akistoy


Me and other youths didn’t attend the session because the topics didn’t affect us. As second generation we are interested in different topics and there are other factors that concern us like for example growing up in a different environment, not speaking Tagalog and how to still keep Filipino traditions and rituals alive while living in Europe.

Instead we went out and roamed around the city. It would be great if there is a specific program for the youth or another cultural workshop.

  • Marilyn Velasco Magoo

Atty. Cheryl Daytec did an excellent talk. With regard to the Cordillera Autonomy, more elaboration on one’s responsibility.

  • Annie Hruska

The talk and discussion about the autonomy of our region is very appropriate and engaging. Like I asked the very humble attorney, the impact of those statistics she explained would be immense if she‘ll impart it in the amount of money and not in percentage. For example, not everyone can grasp the significant effect of let’s say 20% wastage of the region‘s wealth but if the audience can learn how many 100 millions of peso is being taken out then her calling of no rebellion might take the opposite direction. 

  • Claire Bucher

I was richly blessed and privileged to have attended our Cordillera or Indigenous gathering/workshop in Amsterdam. Worthy to note that some participants traveled all the way from different parts of the world (Europe) to go to Amsterdam, Netherlands for the conference. It was held for three days only but unfortunately I was only able to attend the conference on the third day. On this day, the discussion centered on how difficult it is to be autonomous although quite difficult to push through as this needs to begin with ourselves. It's both a collective and collaborative effort. The speaker was very good in imparting her knowledge and wisdom in her experiences about history and also bringing out some issues/concerns that needed to be addressed.  The discussion in the lecture was good most especially for the now generation as we must introduce this culture to the young generation when we pass it on in our cultures and practices so as to preserve our culture. 

  • Sr. Josephine Corpuz 

What is the potential impact of the federalism proposal by former President Duterte on our desire to achieve autonomy? 

  • Cecily Polec-eo Sidl

Atty. Cheryl Daytec is one of the best speakers I have ever witnessed. She is very articulate and knows exactly what she wants to convey. I admire her ability to explain complex concepts in a simple manner. The topic of "Cordillera Autonomy" was a great choice! I agree with all the points that Atty. Daytec explained. I believe that advocating for self-governance is essential to preserving our cultural heritage and protecting our ancestral lands. However, despite good intentions, there are still individuals who may exploit autonomy for personal gain. Unfortunately, it could lead to another layer of corruption and a thirst for political power. 

  • Kirsty Zachoval


This leaves me questioning how we can effectively persuade our "kailyans" that autonomy will benefit us, rather than the corrupt individuals who disguise themselves as public servants, especially considering the low educational standards in the Philippines. 

  • Kirsty Zachoval

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