Day tour to Marken, Simonehoeve (cheese and wooden clog factory) and Zaanse Schans on May 19

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11th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK-Europe (ICBE) Conference 

May 18-20, 2023

Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Day tour to Marken, Simonehoeve (cheese and wooden clog factory) and Zaanse Schans on May 19

What part of the tour did you like most? Why? What part of the tour did you like least? Why? 

I consider  the tour to Simonehoeve the best because the time spent there was short but the lecture was compact and very informative. On  the other hand, I find the tour to Marken not so interesting, maybe because I already visited the place 2 years ago during Fall and the place was not too crowded.

  • Honeyleen Lucero-Meyer

The second day was very educational and amazing to me because my dream when I was younger was to travel around the world to see exciting places where God starts to answer those prayers. I found out that all tourist guides and speakers are so well versed in every angle of their areas. Looking at beautiful scenery was just like a step above the ground, fulfilling.

  • Glenn Palangdan Yamoyam

The tour was excellent. We were able to explore inside the cheese factory, taste all kinds of cheese including the Marijuana cheese. After all that taste somebody was farting, ha ha ha !

The factory of clog shoes was amazing.The windmills too are very interesting to watch. The weather was nice and we enjoyed having our coffee at Marken.

  • Herminia Teh-op, Conchita Teh-op & Marissa Teh-op 

For the tour, it was interesting. The cheese I bought is very delicious.

Maybe during the tour, we don’t need to provide the food as long as there are places where we can avail of something to eat on the spot.

  • Susan Kilakil

Regarding the tour, I have to say I liked them all, the places we’ve visited, the cheese and wooden clog factory, the windmills which I got close to and climbed up. A few of us also got into the boat that goes around where the windmills are while the boat pilot is explaining what the different windmills are for.

  • Gil Tiban Catimo

We enjoyed the tour in Simonehoeve. Tasting different kinds of cheese, especially with hand, and trying the small and very big Bakyas/Clogs in Simonehoeve was fun. I was amazed at how our older manangs and manongs managed to walk with us during the tour to the beautiful sceneries of Amsterdam. 

  • Airen Kalley-Ruettimann


I like all of the places we have been, thank you for the organized tour! Well appreciated.

  • Marjorie Akistoy


We were lucky with the weather, the tour was great and even though there were spontaneous changes to the plan we enjoyed it all a lot. It’s great that we had time in Zaanse Schans to roam around and the factories were informative and interesting. We were thankful for the lunch packages but they were a lot inside and we were kinda full from the cheese tasting, so we were not able to finish the whole lunch. Thank you for preparing!

  • Marilyn Velasco Magoo

The tour was well organized with its flexibility and with discipline.There was enough time to enjoy drinking coffee and the view at Zaanse Schans.

  • Annie Hruska

The day tour was well-organized, educational and we had fun. However, to avoid having latecomers, it would be probably wise to set the meeting time 30 minutes before the bus departure plus, mentioning the departure time will just encourage those late-comers. 

“Uray man malad-ladaw ta ampay met aguray jay bus” dadduma ket kastuy ti kapanunutan da gamin. (Others think that even if we are late, the bus will wait.)  

I can‘t forget the comments I exchanged with Airen as we saw how Dennis carried our lunch food. It was kind of unbelievable as we don’t see this kind of self-sacrifice here thus, we compared how  things are done differently with our own hubbies. He was a big support.

  • Claire Bucher 

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