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11th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK-Europe (ICBE) Conference 

May 18-20, 2023

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


What do you think of the activities? What were your feelings while the participants were introducing themselves and telling their stories? What could be improved? 

As I entered the room, I already felt my oneness with the group. The sense of belongingness already exists. While the participants were introducing themselves, I was really awestruck that many of the participants introduced themselves in English  without any difficulty at all:) Actually, I find the Opening Night on May 18 as very important because it gave the participants a bird's eye view on what to expect during the consultation.The activities were fine (self /group introduction, singing of Hymn).

What could be improved? 

Since most of us just arrived from our trip (quite tired :)  ), I think it will be better if the time for  self introduction will be limited. What is important is we will be able to explain and trace our roots as an Igorot that brought us to joining the  organization. Moreover, I find it a form of motivation in case that "an Early Bird award"exists for the participants to come on time. (Small things like Chocos as an award will do) What is important is that their punctuality is acknowledged.

  • Honeyleen Lucero-Meyer

I heard about discrimination or racism.

Well, here is my message and song:

1. A true Igorot blooded 

Smile from trouble 

Dancing with their gongs

Gather strength from Etag

Grows brave by tapey and watwat.


Igorotland 3x 

Where we come from ... 

To be continued…

  • Henry Foken

The opening night for me was so exciting and made me feel like I am back in the Philippines, where I met some neighbors in my hometown, I met relatives by blood and by affinity. I felt that we are so welcomed by you organizers and members. Then it made me think that the world was so small that we Cordillerans are everywhere. I’m sorry that I used a lot of time when you gave us the floor to introduce oneself. Just happy. What really made me pumped-up was the welcoming of my Tita Christina not just to me, not just us from Barcelona but everyone who entered her home. My Tita was a known person back in our community but neither got any moment or chance to speak or giggle with her, but it seems that we were so close when we met. Extend my regards to Tita Christina Moncado.

  • Glenn Palangdan Yamoyam

The first night was very exciting because we met some old friends, introduced ourselves to everyone, telling stories, experiences and had a good laugh at times. The food was yummy. We enjoyed it very much.

  • Herminia Teh-op, Conchita Linobhut, Marissa Teh-op

Although we did not have enough time to get to know each one of the participants, it was still ok.

  • Susan Kilakil

On the opening night for me it was an interesting moment knowing each other. It’s nice to hear stories from Igorot participants mixed with details of their experiences in their second home. I don't find anything needed to be added.

  • Gil Tiban Catimo

May I inquire, as this was raised by the current president who attended. I told her to ask herself when she writes her evaluation. During the introduction, the core of ICBE was introduced as individuals because of the reason that they hosted or they were the leaders who led the ICBE consultations/conferences that occurred throughout the years. May we be clarified on this matter, is the core chosen/elected/appointed? if yes by whom?. During the introduction, it was mentioned that because they hosted the ICBE. We understand that the Igorot Organization in Austria hosted the ICE year 2003 just a few years after we started the Igorot Org. in Austria. The very first president we have was Mr. Bounggick, I was the first secretary of the organization which is why I am aware of most events that took place within this organization. Now if Mr. or Mrs. Boungick is one of the core due to their leadership of the Igorot Organization Austria when we hosted the ICBE back then it seems not okay because that was the effort of the whole organization, there was a conference/consultation that took place because the organization hosted it and not only because of a certain individual. Is it not appropriate that, instead of an individual it should be the organization who hosted and it should be represented by whoever is the current leader/head/president/ of that organization? Please note that this has nothing to do with the Bounggicks or whoever, like for instance in the case of Mrs. Soaygan she is in the core because they hosted before but where is that organization who hosted with her now? It would remain a history which we can understand but giving that a reason for her to be in the core because she was involved/part in the hosting from a whole entity. We would appreciate it if clarification on this part is clarified. Thank you! 

  • Marjorie Akistoy

It was great to meet everyone before the conference really started. It was quite difficult to follow for my sister, Venus, and I because we don’t speak Tagalog or any other Filipino language. I think it would be better to keep the introduction of everyone shorter like e.g. just say your name, organization, profession and where you are from and what you would like to learn at the ICBE. So that way it won't take too long and we are still on schedule.

Singing the different hymns was nice and it was good to repeat it during the conference multiple times.

  • Marilyn Velasco Magoo

— END —

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